What is the most important thing you can do for disaster relief?

2010 January 29, Friday

What is the most important thing you can do for disaster relief?  Is a question, I have asked many people.  On the back of one of my cards, I gave this answer; “Plan for saving kids from being kidnapped/enslaved for abuse.”

I was interested to see that today Time.com told the story of trucks driving the streets of Haiti picking up children to carry them away for a life of slavery and sexual abuse.  The same thing has been happening in past disasters.  But good people offer me clothes after the disaster.  What is needed is people who will offer an endowment so that when disaster strikes, we can be there immediately doing what is necessary to save these children.

We have built a facility to equip people to know what to do and how to do it in disasters and in the everyday lives of the masses of this world’s poor people.


AliveAgainMiniFarm.com is offering a way to feed your family!

2010 January 29, Friday

AliveAgainMiniFarm.com gives details about a gardening workshop between March 15-19.  The teacher has students in Africa raising 10 pounds of potatoes each year on each square foot of ground.  One attendee has raised 50 potatoes on 2 square feet in Michigan.  The teacher has been sent to many foreign countries and is a leading Texas agriculture teacher.  See AliveAgainMiniFarm.com if you are interested in feeding your family on a space not even big enough to park a truck.

I’m headed to FOSDEM to promote free sw and communications.

2010 January 29, Friday

FOSDEM 2010 will have thousands of people who use or build free software.  I will be staying with a telecommunications expert because some relief agencies have asked me to help them with disaster relief communications.

MashLogic opens doors for better Internet experiences.

2010 January 28, Thursday

MashLogic.com enables you to sign up for several significant improvements in internet experiences.

After a quick sign up, MashLogic looks at the content of web pages you are browsing with FF, IE, or Chrome.  I use Firefox, so it installed by my simply following the instructions to click on two obvious drop down tabs.  After that MashLogic looks at pages we are browsing and recommends links to similar pages.   The theory is that if you are interested in the same things which I am interested in, we can both see many of the best options for getting more information without searching and refining searches and repeating this process.

An interesting side effect, if you are looking at a product which has been mashed; MashLogic can show you prices at other sites without you having to visit the other sites.

This could be a great time saver.  If you stick with me, you will probably find much of the best of the WWW pertaining to health, technology, and a better life.

OOUC and Open Source Software

2008 July 26, Saturday

I contribute to Open Source Software because I want everyone who can use it to have the benefit of what I have been blessed to discover, design, or implement.

I gave the program at the July 2008 San Antonio Linux User’s Group.  I spoke on the benefits of Scala versus several other programming languages I have used.  Another University Computer Science Professor was there and he began making plans to encourage some of his best programmers to join us in an Open Source project to assist others to produce a better IDE for Scala.  There are other schools of higher learning in San Antonio.  It is my desire to encourage them to join with us.

I did the schedule for Pycon 2008.  This is a very small contribution.  But my major Open Source contributions are many minor ones instead of a really big piece of software.

Rapier, was the first Open Source Bible study software for the Nokia N800 Internettablet.  I saw an opportunity for improvement and visited,  the author in Paris.  Pierre is much better at the technology used than I.  But I believe that I have had more success in software design and management.  In the end, we easily did discovered together an improvement neither of us were sure could be done.  The whole is much greater than the sum of the parts.  This is a major reason I have chosen to make my major contribution in the form of many minor contributions.

I started in software in 1972 with the idea that a team effort is better than an individual one.  My major goal at the time was to enable computers to understand things humans could not understand without the help of the computer.   At that time, computer programmers were blaming linguists and others because they could not give the programmers all of the rules necessary for understanding.  Many people told me the task of empowering computers to teach humans what the humans could not understand alone was “impossible.”  But I solved some other “impossible” problems for these gainsayers.  Now what I proposed is so popular the technology has the name “data-driven programming.”  In the contests to most accurately translate 10 or more human languages, other technologies are increasingly losing to data-driven programming.  Other implementations are ahead of me in implementation.  But, I still believe that I have the best design.   Do you want to join me in implementing this Open Source project?

I choose my internet name because it expresses the basis of the Open Source Software. OOUC=Objective Oriented Unification Commitment.   We all have gifts and limitations.  If we all use our gifts to help others overcome limitations; everyone will be better off.   If you only use your gifts for yourself then only you will benefit.   The great vision of our Creator is Jn 17.  It is His plea unity or OOUC.

Use Scala for the two most popular platforms JVM (the Internet) & Windows/.Net (the Desktop)

2008 January 9, Wednesday

Scala solves computer problems for both the JVM and .NET better than any other programming language for many important types of problems. Scala imitates Python by being both functional and object-oriented.

Tiobe.com/tpci.htm keeps statistics from Google, MSN, Yahoo, and user communities. Java was the most popular language of 2007. Scala enables you to run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which is much more secure from virsus, crashes, and insecurities than Windows or .Net. Scala even allows you to use all of the Java libraries which have been developed and tested at great cost but are available to you free as Open Source.

Scala also has Erlang type Actors. These plus static typing enable Scala to take advantage of the new multi-processor cores going into almost every new computer. Scala Actors also enable you to distribute your problem solving or interactive Web applications all over the Internet in the easiest and most efficient manner. For more information, you should keep your eyes on this blog.
<a href=”https://oouc.wordpress.com”></a&gt;

Python on Nokia is currently your best personal efficency tool.

2008 January 9, Wednesday

The Nokia N810 and N800 InternetTablets are 800×480 pocket computers. The N800 was the best selling electronic gadget at the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 according to Amazon and others. Nokia telephones have been and are being programmed in Python because it is the easiest to learn and use programming language available today and yet one of the most powerful.

But the N800 and N810 go beyond just being a great piece of hardware programmed in a great way. They empower you to have Python in your pocket. Python will run on Linux, Microsoft, or Mac. Full sized Linux distros contain Python and it is free to download for tiny Linux or Microsoft. To the N800 the N810 has added a GPS, movie player, and pull out keyboard. But you can add these to an N800 if the N810 extras are not exactly what you want. On the N800 you can run OS2007 or use the free and easy upgrade to the OS2008 that comes with the N810. At this point, computer experts can run OS2007 on the N800 and add the patches to give them the functionality of what they want from OS2008. This gives experts the best of all worlds in the smallest resource footprint. So Nokia is much more customer friendly than some big companies who make you buy new hardware and new software every time you want the latest features. If you have a Palm and want to hang onto the software you bought for it, you can even run all of this in Palm emulation mode.
Keep your eye on this blog if you want the latest on how to configure and use these and anything better which might be produced in the future.

Please be one with our Creator and all Creation.

2008 January 9, Wednesday

The Al-Quran mentions Al-Messias (the Holy Messiah) over 400 times. It tells us that He was born of the virgin. He is the only one who is called Roh-Kudus (the one with the Holy Spirit). He is the one who will be the Judge at hari kiamat (the final and judgement day).

The first comment received about this blog was from an Islamic radical. Although this comment had much truth about the shortcomings of Christians, it will not be posted because it contradicts the purpose of the Al-Quran and Al-Messias. He prayed and sweat like great drops that all believers might be one just like He was one with the Father of us all “so that the world might know.”

We live in the information age. The problem is there is more misinformation being put on the Internet than real information. As a computer and software designer, counselor, business owner, and professor; I have gathered some information which might be of benefit to you.

AliveAgain.Biz is my favorite website.

2007 December 24, Monday

Business or work is what enables us to produce and enjoy the things necessary to live on this planet. AliveAgain.Biz is a place where you can take the first step towards the kind of business our Creator intended.