Please be one with our Creator and all Creation.

The Al-Quran mentions Al-Messias (the Holy Messiah) over 400 times. It tells us that He was born of the virgin. He is the only one who is called Roh-Kudus (the one with the Holy Spirit). He is the one who will be the Judge at hari kiamat (the final and judgement day).

The first comment received about this blog was from an Islamic radical. Although this comment had much truth about the shortcomings of Christians, it will not be posted because it contradicts the purpose of the Al-Quran and Al-Messias. He prayed and sweat like great drops that all believers might be one just like He was one with the Father of us all “so that the world might know.”

We live in the information age. The problem is there is more misinformation being put on the Internet than real information. As a computer and software designer, counselor, business owner, and professor; I have gathered some information which might be of benefit to you.


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