OOUC and Open Source Software

I contribute to Open Source Software because I want everyone who can use it to have the benefit of what I have been blessed to discover, design, or implement.

I gave the program at the July 2008 San Antonio Linux User’s Group.  I spoke on the benefits of Scala versus several other programming languages I have used.  Another University Computer Science Professor was there and he began making plans to encourage some of his best programmers to join us in an Open Source project to assist others to produce a better IDE for Scala.  There are other schools of higher learning in San Antonio.  It is my desire to encourage them to join with us.

I did the schedule for Pycon 2008.  This is a very small contribution.  But my major Open Source contributions are many minor ones instead of a really big piece of software.

Rapier, was the first Open Source Bible study software for the Nokia N800 Internettablet.  I saw an opportunity for improvement and visited,  the author in Paris.  Pierre is much better at the technology used than I.  But I believe that I have had more success in software design and management.  In the end, we easily did discovered together an improvement neither of us were sure could be done.  The whole is much greater than the sum of the parts.  This is a major reason I have chosen to make my major contribution in the form of many minor contributions.

I started in software in 1972 with the idea that a team effort is better than an individual one.  My major goal at the time was to enable computers to understand things humans could not understand without the help of the computer.   At that time, computer programmers were blaming linguists and others because they could not give the programmers all of the rules necessary for understanding.  Many people told me the task of empowering computers to teach humans what the humans could not understand alone was “impossible.”  But I solved some other “impossible” problems for these gainsayers.  Now what I proposed is so popular the technology has the name “data-driven programming.”  In the contests to most accurately translate 10 or more human languages, other technologies are increasingly losing to data-driven programming.  Other implementations are ahead of me in implementation.  But, I still believe that I have the best design.   Do you want to join me in implementing this Open Source project?

I choose my internet name because it expresses the basis of the Open Source Software. OOUC=Objective Oriented Unification Commitment.   We all have gifts and limitations.  If we all use our gifts to help others overcome limitations; everyone will be better off.   If you only use your gifts for yourself then only you will benefit.   The great vision of our Creator is Jn 17.  It is His plea unity or OOUC.



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