Python on Nokia is currently your best personal efficency tool.

The Nokia N810 and N800 InternetTablets are 800×480 pocket computers. The N800 was the best selling electronic gadget at the end of 2007 and the beginning of 2008 according to Amazon and others. Nokia telephones have been and are being programmed in Python because it is the easiest to learn and use programming language available today and yet one of the most powerful.

But the N800 and N810 go beyond just being a great piece of hardware programmed in a great way. They empower you to have Python in your pocket. Python will run on Linux, Microsoft, or Mac. Full sized Linux distros contain Python and it is free to download for tiny Linux or Microsoft. To the N800 the N810 has added a GPS, movie player, and pull out keyboard. But you can add these to an N800 if the N810 extras are not exactly what you want. On the N800 you can run OS2007 or use the free and easy upgrade to the OS2008 that comes with the N810. At this point, computer experts can run OS2007 on the N800 and add the patches to give them the functionality of what they want from OS2008. This gives experts the best of all worlds in the smallest resource footprint. So Nokia is much more customer friendly than some big companies who make you buy new hardware and new software every time you want the latest features. If you have a Palm and want to hang onto the software you bought for it, you can even run all of this in Palm emulation mode.
Keep your eye on this blog if you want the latest on how to configure and use these and anything better which might be produced in the future.


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