MashLogic opens doors for better Internet experiences. enables you to sign up for several significant improvements in internet experiences.

After a quick sign up, MashLogic looks at the content of web pages you are browsing with FF, IE, or Chrome.  I use Firefox, so it installed by my simply following the instructions to click on two obvious drop down tabs.  After that MashLogic looks at pages we are browsing and recommends links to similar pages.   The theory is that if you are interested in the same things which I am interested in, we can both see many of the best options for getting more information without searching and refining searches and repeating this process.

An interesting side effect, if you are looking at a product which has been mashed; MashLogic can show you prices at other sites without you having to visit the other sites.

This could be a great time saver.  If you stick with me, you will probably find much of the best of the WWW pertaining to health, technology, and a better life.



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