Use Scala for the two most popular platforms JVM (the Internet) & Windows/.Net (the Desktop)

Scala solves computer problems for both the JVM and .NET better than any other programming language for many important types of problems. Scala imitates Python by being both functional and object-oriented. keeps statistics from Google, MSN, Yahoo, and user communities. Java was the most popular language of 2007. Scala enables you to run on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which is much more secure from virsus, crashes, and insecurities than Windows or .Net. Scala even allows you to use all of the Java libraries which have been developed and tested at great cost but are available to you free as Open Source.

Scala also has Erlang type Actors. These plus static typing enable Scala to take advantage of the new multi-processor cores going into almost every new computer. Scala Actors also enable you to distribute your problem solving or interactive Web applications all over the Internet in the easiest and most efficient manner. For more information, you should keep your eyes on this blog.
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